Giggles and Girlfriends
Where you come out to Play!

Welcome to Giggles and Girlfriends Retreats...we are here to ensure that you get time away with your friends, family and girlfriends in a crafty atmosphere.  We welcome all types of crafters to retreat, however we specialize in Scrapbooking and Quilting. 

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Husbands can call and arrange for Gift Certificates for those special moments and memories.

Private Retreats available.


  What is Giggles and Girlfriends?        

A company made to cater to the needs of women to take a break from the chaos of everyday life and to rejuvenate and relax while enjoying their favorite past-times.
Realizing the needs for scrapbookers, quilters, beaders, and crafters of all types and those non-crafters that just wanted a couple of days to themselves, we found a solution.  Spending a retreat weekend with us will help you start fresh, feel rejuvenated and begin the chaos in a whole new light.  
Retreats are run on the basis of having fun with your friends, family and just great times.  

What this means is that we don't clutter your weekend with "fluff".  We don't pull you away from your must finish project just when you've gotten on a roll.  We give respect to your time and your ability to know when you need to get up and stretch, or whether you need to keep your head down and nose to the grindstone to finish that very important project. 
We want to keep our retreats within reach financially and schedule wise to all women.  We have many options for dates, days and you decide on your time commitment.  After all, it's your weekend, do as you please, do as much, or as little as you like!  Maybe you really do want to sleep in on a Saturday. (Gee, I haven't done that in 20 years!!)  Here's your chance. 
Page kits are available for purchase at Retreat at a great cost for your convenience.
See you at the next retreat!

Who's the Hostess?

  • Rhonda is your hostess at the weekend retreats.  She can answer all your questions and ensure that your weekend is just what you needed.
  • Rhonda has over 16+ years experience scrapbooking.  Over 7 years of Quilting, over 25 years of seamstress and doll making and some minor beading experiences. 
  • Feel free to bring out your passion and share with others.
  • Rhonda works full time and organizes retreats for a part time business, in between raising 4 great kids, a loving husband and numerous volunteer committments.  Rhonda has a huge passion for Charities and often does events to raise dollars for Breast Cancer Research, Make-a-Wish foundation and the Stollery Children's Hospital.   Rhonda is a registered and trained First Aider in case of any emergencies.
 Thank you for your patronage!  Please visit us often!