Giggles and Girlfriends
Where you come out to Play!

Welcome to Giggles and Girlfriends Retreats...we are here to ensure that you get time away with your friends, family and girlfriends in a crafty atmosphere.  We welcome all types of crafters to retreat, however we specialize in Scrapbooking and Quilting. 

Register Early
Husbands can call and arrange for Gift Certificates for those special moments and memories.
Private Retreats available.
What do you need to remember for good Retreat Etiquette?
  • Music, we rotate the different styles of music in the communal stereo so that everyone can enjoy their stay.
  • Scents, please refrain from any scented perfumes, etc. Allergies are no fun, so lets refrain from scents to ensure everyone has a great time.
  • Allergies, if you have any food or scent allergies, please let us know so that we can try to help over the weekend.
  • Cell Phones, please turn your cell phones, blackberries, iphones, etc. to vibrate while at retreat, this allows everyone to enjoy their weekend without the constant ringing of multiple phones, and ringers.
  • Alcohol is permitted at retreat.  Please ensure that you drink responsibily.  We don't want overindulgence to ruin someone else's weekend.  We have a zero tolerance for drugs.


Send us your tips for Scrapbooking, Quilting, Retreating...anything at all, you might see it here soon!
Need some great storage in your workspace...use a portable wine rack to put paper, tracing paper, quilt batting, pens or rulers and scissors into for organziation on the go!
Storage works great in the Upward motion....stackables are great to keep your table space for your project!
Prepare your project at home and only bring what you need for a lighter load to carry and to keep your area organized while you 
work at retreat.
Want a cute storage tote but can't afford those cute colours...try out a home renovation store and look for electricians totes, they come in many sizes, have loads of pockets and are a fraction of the price of the craft store prices.
Retreat Tips
#1: Bring your favourite pillow...nothing says a goods night sleep tha your own pillow!
#2: Bring a water bottle, it's easier to keep up with your daily intake of water if you have a bottle beside you!
#3: If bringing a laptop, Cricut, Sewing Machine, it's always a good idea to bring an extension cord for multiple plugs.


Who's the Hostess?

  • Rhonda is your hostess at the weekend retreats.  She can answer all your questions and ensure that your weekend is just what you needed.
  • Rhonda has over 16+ years experience scrapbooking.  Over 7 years of Quilting, over 25 years of seamstress and doll making and some minor beading experiences. 
  • Feel free to bring out your passion and share with others.
  • Rhonda works full time and organizes retreats for a part time business, in between raising 4 great kids, a loving husband and numerous volunteer committments.  Rhonda has a huge passion for Charities and often does events to raise dollars for Breast Cancer Research, Make-a-Wish foundation and the Stollery Children's Hospital.   Rhonda is a registered and trained First Aider in case of any emergencies.
 Thank you for your patronage! Please visit us often!
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